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BC - Summer Camp - Counselor-In-Training
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About BC - Summer Camp - Counselor-In-Training

Summer Bronco Club is offering our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program for summer camp 2023. This program is designed to help shape our youth into the leaders of tomorrow. CITs will gain valuable experience working along-side with our BC Coordinators, Certified Teachers, and Teachers Assistants. We are looking for candidates for our summer program who are self-starters and willing to learn. By assisting staff, CITs develop skills to communicate effectively, experience working with youth, strengthen leadership skills, and become mentors. CIT duties will be to help teachers to prepare activities, mentor kids through activities, and clean-up activities throughout the day camp. This program is geared towards our youth that will be entering into 8th and 9th grades. Application process opens February 1, 2023.